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The Precision Pour® 3-Ball Liquor Pour

The world’s finest measured pour spout

Precision Pour® 3 Ball Liquor Pour spouts are the most accurate, most durable, most reliable measured pour spouts available. With Precision Pour® liquor pourer bartenders can pour accurate shots without using a shot glass or jigger. This speeds up drink production and leads to great tasting, responsibly poured cocktails.

By reducing over pouring and spills, bartenders can serve two to four more cocktails per bottle. This means that, in most cases, a Precision Pour® spout will pay for itself in just one bottle. Then, the earnings continue, bottle after bottle, for years to come.

Home Bar & Kitchen Supplies

Precision Pour® 3 Ball Liquor Pour spouts — designed for the bar but great for the kitchen too!

In addition to measuring liquor and liqueurs, Precision Pour® 3-Ball pour spouts also measure wine, cooking oils and flavorings such as coffee syrup.

Now, professional and hobby chefs can attain from the same accuracy and mess-free measurement that has benefited professional bartenders for years.

When it comes to serving cocktails, with Precision Pour® spouts, home bartenders can match the delicious flavor and consistency of the best professional bartenders.

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