Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Precision Pour® spouts better than other brands of spouts?

The differences begin with superior materials. Our spouts are constructed using only virgin plastic which is more durable than the recycled plastic used in some competing spouts. Our manufact-uring process is superior as well. We use locking systems to hold the various parts of our spouts together, rather than glues that can break down in alcohol. Also, we do not out-source manufacturing. Instead, we control quality and consistency by handling every aspect of production in-house.

Why do Precision Pour® spouts cost more than standard pour spouts?

Since Precision Pour® 3-ball pour spouts are more complex than standard (non-measuring) pour spouts, and require additional parts, the cost is unavoidably higher.

However, the cost is quickly offset by the additional earnings that are possible with the 3-ball pour spouts. Since Precision Pour® spouts will allow you to serve two to four additional drinks per bottle, they will actually pay for themselves after being used on just one bottle. Also, since the spouts will last for years (with proper care and handling) the initial cost is very small compared to the ongoing increase in earnings.

Do you have to clean the pour spouts and what is the best way?

Yes. With regular cleaning the spouts work best and last longest. The best way to clean the spouts is by using our Poura-Clean™ spout cleaning device. For more information on this product click here. Another simple method for cleaning spouts is to soak them in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes. Be sure to shake the spouts around a bit to work the soapy water into the spouts. Finish by rinsing the spouts in cold clear water. Bleaches and sanitizers should not be used. Also, don’t use water that is too hot to touch or wash the spouts in a dishwasher. Finally, re-insert the spouts in your bottles while the stems of the spouts are still damp. Learn more by viewing our use and care video, click here.

What shot sizes do Precision Pour® 3-Ball spouts come in?

Precision Pour® spouts come in many shot sizes. In U.S. ounces, there are twelve shot sizes: 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 5/8 oz, 3/4 oz, 7/8 oz, 1 oz, 1-1/8 oz, 1-1/4 oz, 1-1/2 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz and 5 oz.

Nine metric sizes are available: 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml, 40ml, 50ml and 125 ml.

Finally, we even offer an Imperial Ounce (roughly 29ml) for use in Canada.

Do your pour spouts work with thick cordials?

Definitely! Over the years, this question has been asked frequently. That’s because so many bar operators have had big problems with nearly all types of measured pour spouts when dispensing cordials. Our patented third ball bearing, valve and primer ring address this problem, and our spouts work perfectly with a variety of cordials, cream liquors, even flavored coffee syrups. Exceptions to this are liqueurs that have suspended particles such as Goldschlager.

We recommend extra cleaning for spouts that are used in this manner. Once a week is about the right period of time between cleaning spouts that are used on cordials.

Will my bartenders like Precision Pour® spout?

Yes. Many bartenders enjoy the ease of using Precision Pour(R) spouts since they eliminate the added step of using a shot glass or jigger. This helps bartenders pour faster, reduces mess and eliminates the need to do a silent count. Also, since drinks poured with Precision Pour(R) spouts are more consistent than free poured drinks, bartenders deal with fewer customer complaints about drinks that are too strong or too weak.

It’s true that some bartenders did not like old style measured spouts because they were slow and did not always work properly. With Precision Pour(R) spouts, those problems have been corrected.

It’s also true that some bartenders believe over poured drinks lead to bigger tips. In reality, it’s good service and consistency that generates tips, not drinks that are “burned.” In fact, over pouring can cause customers to order fewer drinks, leading to fewer tips.

I’ve been free pouring for years, why should I use a measured pour?

Yes, your bar may be profitable when using free pour spouts but it will be more profitable when using measured pour spouts.

Also, by using measured pour spouts, you are ensuring that your customers are treated fairly. Their drinks are neither under poured or over poured, and the flavor of the drinks will be consistent. This is true despite changes in staff, and true on busy nights during which bartenders can’t pay attention to drink preparation like they might otherwise.

For owners and managers, Precision Pour® spouts are just another tool to help them improve their business. As with all new tools and new procedures, there is some effort required to get the staff on board. However, once the new tool or procedure is in place, owners and managers often wonder how it was that they ever ran their business any differently.

In our view, the most important reason of all to use a measured pour spout is that it is a more responsible, safer way to serve alcohol than free pouring. Over poured drinks are dangerous and owners and managers must protect their customers, their staff and their establishment.

Will my customers notice that I am using measured pour spouts?

It’s unlikely they will. Precision Pour® spouts are designed to look and work like a free pour spout. In fact, our spouts are far more discrete that a shot glass or jigger and those methods of measuring are considered time-honored and completely acceptable to most bar customers.

If a customer is concerned about their drink being prepared with a measured pour spout, make them understand that the spout’s shot sizes are chosen to be correct for the flavor of the cocktail, and that Precision Pour® spouts are available in some pretty big shot sizes (up to 5 oz.). Customers are not being shorted, indeed they are being protected from under pouring as well as over pouring.

Should I put measured spouts on all my bottles?

Yes! You’ll benefit from the control, consistency and added profit that comes from using Precision Pour® spouts, and this makes sense on all bottles, from rail brands to ultra premiums.

Exceptions to this are liqueurs that have suspended particles, like Goldschlager. All styles of measured pour spouts will clog up with this type of liqueur.

We measure using shot glasses, isn’t that good enough?

No, here’s why: Shot glasses are not that accurate. In fact, some manufacturers of shot glasses will admit to as much as a 25% variance in the molding of the glass. In other words, a 1-ounce shot glass can be off as much as 1/4 of an ounce. That amounts to a loss of four to five drinks per bottle.

Also, since two hands are required to measure with a shot glass, pouring liquor and mix can not be done at the same time. This means that shot glasses are too slow to use on busy nights.

A big reason why using shot glasses is not accurate is that unscrupulous bartenders will overflow the shot glass to show a customer over pour, hoping for bigger tips!

Another problem with shot glasses is that they should be rinsed after each use or the taste from one liquor may diminish the taste of the next liquor. This means more time, more mess and a greater opportunity for broken glasses than you’ll have with measure spouts.

How fast do your spouts pour?

Precision Pour® spouts flow at a rate comparable to high-quality longate pour spouts. Our spouts begin pouring as soon as you tilt the bottle, giving the appearance of free pouring. For bartenders that pour by count, a Precision Pour® spout will accurately dispense an ounce at a three-count (when counting 1001, 1002, 1003) or an ounce at a four-count (when counting 1,2,3,4).

Will Precision Pour® spouts fit in all of my bottles?

There’s always some odd bottle that no pour spout will properly fit. However, for the vast majority of bottles the answer is yes.

The “fins” on the stem of our spouts are varied in order to accommodate a large number of bottles. On some bottles all four of the fins will fit into the bottle opening. On other bottles, just three of the four fins will fit. Either way, the spout will be snug in the bottle and will not leak.

For oversized bottle openings, we have our special “heavy-cork” spouts. These spouts fit most 1.75 liter bottles and the large openings found on Patron, Cuervo 1800, Cabo Wabo and others.

For exceptionally small bottle openings, we have a spout with an undersized stem. This style of spout is rarely used and we only offer it as a special order item. Please call us for more details.

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